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    Can't load .txt from domain containing Ñ character


      Hi there!!

      I have to read an external file hosted in a domain that contains the Spanish character Ñ (i.e:  www.elñeru.com)

      Scenario is: my HTML is passing the domain in a flashvar to the swf file. Once the swf file gets the variable with "elñeru" tries to load a .txt file located in that domain.

      Problem is: in I.E everything works fine, swf loads that file without any problem.

      In FireFox I'm not so lucky. We have tried changing for an alternative domain not containing Ñ and it works. So the problem seems to be the Ñ


      Anyone found this same problem with an same or similar international character? How to make it work in FireFox?


      Thank you in advance.

      Any help appreciated