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    Animations, movement flow and ease effect

    Luis Pedro Ferreira Level 1

      Hi all.


      It's been using Flex and Flash builder for a couple of years and till today I couldn't found a way to create a fluid movement with animations.

      Thought with thie new Animation Class on Flash Builder 4, that everything would be different, but in fact it didn't change that much the flow how things move in the screen specialy if you want an ease effect.

      So I went to find a solution which I found on Caurina, a Tweener Class from Zeh Fernando for Flash on AS2/3.

      It is easy to use, works great, gives me thw flow I want to my objects but ... I'm no happy by the way I have to use it as it only works inside the Script tag (AS3).

      I still want to use the built-in Animation classes on Flash Builder 4, so I can make transitions between states and viewStacks, and I already tried the Ease Class creating custom Ease functions, but none of my atempts gave the same flow and ease effect that Caurina gives me. I made to do a nice easeIn but how can I do an easeOut???


      So, what I'm asking here is for someone to help me creating a custom ease function that gives me the same result as the "easeOutQuint" on his website.


      Just have a look to his website Tweener - Caurina


      I'm also e-mail him to see if he can help me and anything I find, I will post it here.


      Thanks all!!