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    PC Build - Hard Drive/Workflow questions


      Hello all!


      I'm building a PC for someone and I know nothing about adobe premier, I've done research  to understand what the requirements are and different recommended  setups, I guess the biggest thing I'm grasping at is the hard drives,  and I think it's because I don't understand the workflow, I'm planning:


      500GB 7200rpm - OS/Page File

      RAID  0 - 2 x 500GB 7200rpm - I assume this is where you would keep all your  projects as you were working on them for rendering/editing etc.. ? I  know it's a requirement for Premier CS5, but it didn't really go into  detail on what's to be stored on it.

      2TB - I assumed the user  of the machine would need somewhere to store his finished work, if this  isn't needed, or a 7200rpm 1TB drive would be better, I can absolutely  change it.


      Also, after reading: http://www.studio1productions.com/Articles/PremiereCS5.htm it seems like I might as well get the GT240 since there is no performance difference (at least at this current time), I was looking at getting: http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127483&Tpk=msi%20gt240


      Does this make sense (for someone on a budget)?


      I just want to be sure I get the hardware and configuration right,  so I don't buy all these parts and realize I should have ordered x x  instead of y.