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    Videos on website won't load/play immediately



      hello everyone,


      i've been trying to find an answer for a week now but without much luck.

      using adobe flash catalyst, i recently created a website with 20 uploaded videos (FLV format; ranging from 2mb ~ 40mb each) and when you click onto any one of them, they will load and play. but here's the problem - they won't play immediately (won't load and play at the same time, WHILE being downloaded in the background - unlike youtube), and most of the time when you click on a video, you'll have to wait (the loading bar won't even start downloading until a good 20-30 seconds after clicking play) while some videos load and play immediately.


      my question is, what do i need to do so my videos will load/play almost immediately after clicking play, while simutaneously being downloaded in the background? is there a way to preload my videos?

      i understand i'll need flash builder to code all this?


      i'm new to making websites and i would appreciate all the help given.