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    Ok, *where* is the waveform?


      Downloaded Audition.

      Imported file...clicked on "waveform".  Edited....worked fine.


      Have since tried to open several differnt files and once they imoport, I do NOT see the waveform.  I repeatedly click on "waveform" in the upper left corner but no waveform appears.  The file will play via the transport panel, I just can't SEE the waveform to do any editing!


      Thinking I may have inadvertently changes some setting, but have looked around to no avail.


      Can anyone shed some light on this?



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          Charles VW Adobe Employee

          Is the menu command "Window > Editor" checked or unchecked?


          If so, is "View > Show Spectral Display" checked or unchecked?


          If that doesn't shed light on this, perhaps post a screenshot of what the app looks like for you.

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            bob6669 Level 1

            Thanks, that was it!   Must have inadvertently deselected that.


            To top it off, I use Audition 1.5 on PC at work, so I'm trying to figure out how I do those same things on the Mac version
            on a laptop.  Envelopes come to mind.  In 1.5 in multi-track I use envelopes to fine tune my multi-track session but am having trouble figuring out how to do the equivalent task on the Mac version.


            All this is to ask: are there any help files with this version, or is my only option to post questions here?

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              _durin_ Adobe Employee

              Many things are different from Audition 1.5, some of which evolved through Au2 and 3 and some of which are more recent updates.


              Audition 4 supports track and clip envelopes and effects.  To modify track envelopes, expand your track height so that you see the "Read" drop-down at the bottom of the track panel.  Click the twirl-down triangle next to this and you should be able to select which track envelopes are visible in the automation lane.


              To adjust clip envelopes, the Volume and Pan envelopes are visible by default.  At the top-right corner of each clip is an arrow that opens the clip effects/envelope menu.  If you have clip-level effects, you can choose which parameter envelopes to display on the clip.