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    Flash Player systematic crash (seems resource files related)




      We have a pretty big application with about 35 resource files (.properties, en_US, ISO-8859-1), with each containing around 150 entries (450 for the bigger). Recently we have ran into an issue where the Flash Player crashes after the downloading phase of the application startup. It hangs there for about 5 seconds and the sad flash logo then appears ("The Adobe Flash plugin has crashed, ..."). It happens almost systematically now, with Firefox, Chrome, and IE, but only when using the Flash Player debug version, which is what all our developers use.


      We think it is resource files related because when keeping the same code base, but using older versions of our resource files (with less strings), it solves the problem. Another solution was to split our bigger resource file of 450 entries in two.


      Does anybody have experience a problem like this? Is there a maximum number of characters supported by a resource file?


      Any help would be really appreciated.