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    Export Settings Help




      I'm working with AVCHD, 720 60p footage and am exporting with the "Match Sequence Settings" box checked.  Can someone explain what the "MPEG Preview" format and "MPEG I-Frame" Codec are? These are the settings that pop up when the box is checked. The resulting file has a .mpeg extension, so it doesn't seem the sequence settings were matched exactly. But would this be a good file to edit later if need be?


      A little about my workflow - I produce short news-style videos delivered primarily via the Web. I export an h264 Web version, but also want to export a file that I can archive and retrieve later, should I need to pull some portion of it for use in another story. I save my source footage for a while, but right now don't have the storage capacity or the desire to keep it around permanently.  I tried exporting uncompressed AVI, but the file was much too large and I would eventually run into storage limitations with that as well.  I had been using Final Cut Pro, and simply exporting a self contained QuickTime movie for this purpose, but I'm working almost exclusively on a Windows 7 PC with CS5 now.


      Any help/advice would be much appreciated.