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    Is it possible to create custom bookshelves in a dedicated reader?


      Hi. I just got a Pandigital 7" Novel eReader. It's connected to Barnes & Noble and it has an Adobe eBooks app too. In the B&N library, I am able to create custom bookshelves to more easily find my books. I figured out how to transfer my ADE books from my computer to the Adobe app on my eReader, but unlike the ADE on my computer, I can't figure out how to create custom libraries/bookshelves on the eReader. The libraries from my computer did not transfer along with my books. It seems my only choices are to view the books by date of installment or alphabetized by title. Since I've transferred over a hundred books so far, scrolling through to find the one I want, every single time, is getting frustrating. To make it even more complicated, when I'm in the title view, the title of some of the books is just a series of random letters and numbers, like SW000000931.epub. I think I read on another thread this issue is impossible to fix, but if I could make my own bookshelves in the eReader, I could just name the bookshelf the title of the book.


      Am I missing something obvious, or is there no way to create custom bookshelves/libraries for ADE books in a dedicated reader?


      Thank you so much for any advice.