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    5.1 project to OMF - crashing


      i have a 5.1 project which i edited with PP cs5, and i want to keep working on the audio timeline on another software (like Cubase).

      I checked the exporting to OMF which worked just fine when i have a stereo project, but with 5.1 project it just keeps crashing every time i try to export it.

      i tried to play with the setting (seperate files, wave and aiff) but nothing, it just keep crashing and it seems it can't handle 5.1 files (or 5 output).

      What can i do to move the project into Cubase?


      **It happens with all version of PPCS5 including the latest (5.0.3)**



      ...and it really strange Adobe itself doesn't support an import option for a PP project in Soundbooth (or even better could be in Audition), a solid sound editor which will focus the audio only and have better tools than PP.

      (now i guess i need to to do all the sound editing in premiere and each clip to clean in soundbooth and return to premiere. not sure it's the best way a project can be done!)