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    Acrobat X Pro and Error 1

    jcallahan@lsbg Level 1

      I am running Acrobat X on a windows 7 (32bit) machine. When I open acrobat X professional I get a dialogue box that tells me to unistall and reinstall the program. It says if you continue to get the error to contact adobe support with Error 1. I would take the advice of the dialogue box but after trying to  install Acrobat X this week it failed four times. I had to have Adobe support install the program remotely to get it to work. They ran the installation and when the acrobat shortcut icon appeared on my desktop and after the PDFMaker part of the installation completed the tech closed the installation through task manager and the program worked.  They cheated the installation and I am wondering if that has somethng to do with the Error 1 I am getting.No new changes have been made to my computer since the installation.


      Can someone help me with what is causing Error 1 and not allowing Acrobat X to function correctly? Adobe support told me to come here to get my answer!

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          Adobe support told me to come here to get my answer!


          Unfortunately we're now telling you to go back to Customer Support, as it's their job to help (and it's free). These are user-to-user forums, and the "error 1" dialog box has a number of possible causes, all of which ultimately end up needing help from CS to resolve. It may be an installation issue (for example if you have antivirus software running which has prevented Acrobat from registering its core services) or a licensing problem, but there's no way to tell from the number alone.