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    not displayed in Properties







      I have rudimentary questions that I can't seem to find an answer for and thanks in advance for your patience.  My background is much more in Design, but I'm attempting to expand to Flash Builder. Ideally any visual and interactive tools within the software will help me better understand the code.




      When a button from the Components tab is dragged onto the stage, I'd like to edit the look. On other machines I've seen when this standard button is selected, in the properties or appearance tab, there are more parameters displayed than what is displayed on my machine. For example, a slider with two colors and two transparency parameters that represent the gradient on the button. Using these sliders will accelerate my understanding so it's beneficial that I can see these and manipulate them as I reference the code.




      Does anyone know how I can have these "on" in my properties/appearance palette?




      I’m using:


      Flash builder premium 4.0.1 (build 277662) on a mac