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    3D rendering in pre-composed layer




      I'm fairly new to After Effects, so apologies if this is a very basic/obvious problem. Sorry if this has already been discussed elsewhere in the forum - I did do a search but couldn't find much myself!


      I'm creating an animation which involves animating a fairly complex logo in 3D. To save clutter etc in the main composition, I precomposed the various elements of this logo into a new comp (LOGO). Having animated the sub-composition of the Logo (in 3D), I then hoped this 3D would be preserved in the main comp (also in 3D), but it isn't - the LOGO composition appears in the main composition as a 2D layer, and I therefore loose all of the 3D animation stuff that I did in the LOGO composition.


      Is there anyway round this? I pre-composed the LOGO to try and save clutter, but of course I can just reverse this and have all the elements of the LOGO in the main comp, enabling the 3D animations to be present. However, if it is possible to retain the 3D render in the overall composition, that would be great! Although I'm suspecting it isn't possible...


      Many thanks!