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    Avid aff import, how?

    Mikael A Level 1



      I need your help to solve the Avid export; I can't make it work at all?

      What's the export setup inside Avid to make it come in intact to Premiere CS5 5.03 (the AAF export setup)?


      I’m on a pal SD project.


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          dradeke Adobe Employee



          I'm not sure if you're asking about import or export.  To import into Premiere Pro, you can simply import via ctrl/cmd-I in Premiere Pro.  To export via Premiere Pro, you would do file>export>avid AAF.


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            Mikael A Level 1

            Thanks Dennis

            I’m trying to export from Avid in a ”AAF” format into Premiere but it won’t work, Premier is complaining and gives me the “can’t find the audio files inside the “AAF” file, it’s complaining about the path, that it’s wrong”?

            How can it be wrong when the files are inside the “AAF” file?

            The video comes in fine and the seq to, but not the audio files, the placeholders are there for it but the media is “off line”?

            Can someone help me to setup the export window inside Avid, so it will work when I then try to import it into Premiere?



            It's the Avid Newscutter 7.5.9




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              dradeke Adobe Employee



              I don't know Newscutter or honestly have a lot of experience between Avid and Adobe beyond some light experimentation.  In a nutshell, I think both Adobe and Avid try hard to make this transparent and seemless, but reality is different.  Partly because of the way we approach media and partly because our translation may not be 100% all of the time.


              I'm pretty sure most of our testing internally is with Media Composer and not Newscutter.


              One thing I might suggest is to try the legacy mode out of Avid if newscutter has it.