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    Need advice and help with what I am doing wrong


      I am thinking about purchasing a new camera (which is on the Camera Raw 6.3 camera list as a new entry). It appears that I cannot use the ACR 6.3 in my older Lightroom 2.7 and Photoshop Elements 6.0. It sounds like I would have to be at LR 3+ and PSE 9+ to use ACR 6.3. Is this correct?


      So my options are to (1) upgrade both Lightroom and PSE (at considerable cost) (2) shoot in JPG or (3) shoot continue to shoot in RAW and convert the new camera's RAW files to DNG. It is my understanding that I should be able to see and edit the DNG files in both LR 2.7 & PSE 6.0. Is this correct?


      To test the DNG Converter 6.3, I downloaded it and see it in my Adobe directory and it even starts. However, when I try to select files to convert it does not show any files available to convert. I have thousands of Nikon D60 NEF (Nikon RAW format) which the converter does not recognize. Can anyone tell me why?


      Based on what I read, DNG Converter 6.3 is supposed to support not only the newer cameras but the old as well. I'm concerned that if the Converter will not recognize the older camera files, it will not recognize the new camera files either.


      It was my understanding that downloading the Converter 6.3 downloaded the ACR 6.3 files as well. Is this correct? Or do I have to download the ACR 6.3 before the DNG Converter will work? And, if I download and install ACR 6.3, does it overwrite the existing ACR files that are needed in my current LR & PSE programs?


      I am running with full Admin rights on a Vista 64-bit system. I have contacted Adobe Customer Non-support and they advise that I should re-install the DNG Converter. Thanks Adobe for that bit of wisdom. I've done that and continue to have the same problem. Any ideas what I can try to actually see a directory of my RAW files to convert?

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          JimHess-OxQsWQ Level 2

          First of all, a quick clarification.  Lightroom does NOT use Camera Raw.  Camera Raw is a plug-in for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.  But you are correct, if your camera is only supported in the latest version of Camera Raw, then you will need Lightroom 3.3 or Camera Raw 6.3 in order to edit the raw files directly.  One thing you might try.  Locate a folder containing raw files, or open that folder and highlight the raw files, and drag/drop them onto the icon for the DNG Converter.  See if that will start the conversion process for you.

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            tabarnes Level 1

            Jim - Thanks for the response.


            I can drag NEF files onto the DNG converter and it will convert them. It still does not show a directory of NEF files but will convert the ones I drag to the icon.


            LR recognizes the DNG files and opens them without problem. PSE is another issue. When I open PSE, I cannot see the DNG files in a directory. However, when I select the DNG file and hit Open With PSE, PSE opens the file. Heck of a way to run a railroad, isn't it?


            Interesting that you say that LR does not use ACR. When  I open LR and hit "About", it gives the version number and shows Camera Raw 5.7 right on the info page. Wouldn't there have to be some kind of conversion system from RAW to something LR can interpret? If it does not use ACR, I wonder why they say LR 2.7 can not read the new camera RAW files?


            I'm still not happy with the way the DNG Converter is working at this time and refuse to spend more money on Adobe upgrades until I am sure they work better than the DNG Converter process (which appears to suck).

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              JimHess-OxQsWQ Level 2

              That "About" screen is just telling you what version of Camera Raw corresponds to that version of Lightroom.  All of the technology that is in Camera Raw is part of Lightroom natively.  Lightroom does not use the Camera Raw plug-in.



              Sometimes failure to display images is caused by a corrupted video driver.  You might try switching to one of the standard sRGB profiles and see if that fixes your display problem.