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    No Audio with M-Audio Fast Track


      Hello, Any thoughts on why I'm not getting any audio input from a M-Audio Fast Track USB interface?


      It works fine with Audacity for Mac but when Audition is on... no dice. The Adobe preferences point to the M-Audio box. The Apple system prefs are set to the M-Audio box.


      Is there something else to check?




      Hardware Overview:


        Model Name:    iMac
        Model Identifier:    iMac9,1
        Processor Name:    Intel Core 2 Duo
        Processor Speed:    3.06 GHz
        Number Of Processors:    1
        Total Number Of Cores:    2
        L2 Cache:    6 MB
        Memory:    4 GB
        Bus Speed:    1.07 GHz
        Boot ROM Version:    IM91.008D.B08
        SMC Version (system):    1.37f3
        Serial Number (system):    
        Hardware UUID:    1408C121-1F57-52FC-8AA7-EA6CC48A23D3