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    Cross domain HTTPS Image Service fails on initial load in IE


      We have customers hosting a Flash application (we  developed for them) on their secure server (HTTPS).  The Flash  application consumes our Image Service on a secure ArcGIS Server  (HTTPS), cross domain.  In IE for some reason, the Flash application  hangs to download the crossdomain.xml policy file, which is what I can  find as the root cause.  When the page refreshes, essentially the  crossdomain.xml is already in session and works the second time.


      To reproduce:

      1. Close all IE browsers

      2. Open IE and go to: https://www.datadoors.net/taplogic/taplogic2.html

      3. Problem: The map drawing fails, ESRI logo persists

      4. Refresh the  page and the map drawing succeeds, and ESRI logo disappears


      How can we get the initial load of the application to work reliably?