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    I had a terrible time doing a refund from the online store


      A note for management in Adobe's Online Returns:


      I was very disappointed and frustrated with my entire Adobe purchase.  I purchased a product online and the website failed to apply the discount code.  I immediately called customer service and waited on hold with them for over an hour.  They told me to buy the product again with the discount code over the phone.  I waited for them to connect me to Sales, and they couldn't.  So, I purchased it again online and charged my card twice.  The representative on the phone told me to wait one day then do the refund online.  I did just that, I never downloaded the files or did anything other than what she told me.  This was ten days ago.  I then waited for progress.  I got an email telling me "If the total purchase price of the product after tax is less than US$800 or you are returning downloaded software or tech support - no further action is required" so I did nothing else.  I then got three emails in a row this morning - all conflicting.  First it was, "Please be advised that your returns request was temporarily rejected because we have not received your Letter of Software Destruction."  The second was, "With this response, we believe your issue is resolved and have therefore closed your case 0204877545." The third was, "This email is to let you know that your refund was approved and we have submitted for payment."  This should mean I was finished and I would get my money back. Though I wanted to be sure, so I logged into Adobe's website and looked at my account which said "Pending Approval" which sounded like progress was being made, then I typed in the RMA to see what that said, and it stated "Refund Cancelled."  This is 5 different sources from Adobe all at the same time all giving me different information.  It's very confusing and unacceptable.  I then started a chat with a representative who told me, "I check and see that the return was cancelled since you did not agree to the letter of destruction statement."  I never was given this statement.  Nowhere in any of my emails from Adobe did it mention this nor did anyone over the phone tell me about this statement.  I also made a point to download neither of the products I purchased (not even the one I wanted to keep and use) to reduce any problems with the return.  Adobe needs to work on the way their website runs, the automated messages that are sent and the efficiency of the entire process.  As of now, I have chatted with a representative for 45 minutes trying to figure out all of this mess that should have never happened in the first place.  I am told that I'll get my refund in another 7-10 days after this representative finally issued my refund.  I'm very disappointed that I am having to put so much time into this problem and I hope that Adobe addresses this issue for future customers.