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    Shockwave flash player unresponsive and crashes


      I have been having issues with flash player for a few weeks now. It has been crashing every so often on Google Chrome when i am using games on Facebook. But last night i was using youtube and suddenly it froze and i got a message saying, shockwave flash player is unresponsive, then google chrome crashed. Since then i cannot use youtube at all, on any of my browsers (IE, Firefox, Google chrome). I get the same message everytime, and browser freezes and crashes.


      I have Win 7, 64 bit.

      Shockwave flash

      Windows Firewall....which i've had turned off.


      Not sure what other info you need, but i can give a list of the plugins and extentions i have on GC....which i mostly use.


      Any help is appreciated, as this is very frustrating and i'd like to listen to my music and have my programs run correctly 


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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi, What you can try is to turn off the hardware acceleration feature. Go to any video, like youtube and right click on the video and click on Settings. Display Settings is where you will UN check hardware acceleration.


          If you can't access youtube videos, then go to this Adobe test site and RIGHT click on the Flash logo or the ad if one is covering it, and do the same thing.


          If you can see the Flash logo and it animates, let me know that. That site will also display the version of Flash Player you have Installed.


          Use each browser for this test.


          Then using IE, go to Tools, Manage addons and look for Shockwave Flash Object and make sure it is Enabled and it is the same version of Flash Player that you have Installed.


          Using FF, look for the Shockwave Flash (SWF) plugin and make sure it is Enabled.


          Finally, go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash  Open Flash and post back all files listed. The NPSWF files, you will need to right click on and then click on Properties in order to obtain the version numbers.


          Please post back this info and the results.





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            CaliDreamer43 Level 1

            Ok, so i turned off the Hardware Acceleration Feature on the Adobe test site. Afterwards i checked youtube on all my browsers, and it now works fine

            Thank you! I hope this keeps up. But i've had flash problems in the past and realize they tend to come up again. I'd added 2 extensions recently to GC (Adthwart and Flashblock) to help with flash issues i was having. Hopefully that isnt causing any problems.


            Regarding the list you'd wanted, i entered that location and right clicked on NPSWF32 and the only version # was There were no previous versions.

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              CaliDreamer43 Level 1

              When i opened Flash the files i saw there were....


              Flashplayer.xpt -XPT file

              FlashUtil10l_ActiveX - DLL file

              NPSWF32- DLL file


              ..not sure that's what you meant  

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                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                Hi, thanks for doing all of the checkings. Hardware acceleration appears to have helped. Googles' adthwart & Flash block I'm sure will cause problems. Videos mostly use Flash Player and Flash block does what? LOL Blocks Flash? FF(Firefox) has Adblock and Adblock plus. Even some Anti-Virus add ons can block Flash Content.


                Also make sure you have your Security in Tools, Internet Options set to Medium in IE.


                Regarding your second post about the Flash files, you are missing Flash files for IE and also FF. The FP vs is the latest version.


                Did you find the add on in IE and FF?


                For some reason, during your Uninstall/Install of Flash Player the Flash files were not all Installed. You may want to check the Flash folders and make sure perhaps you didn't miss any.


                Let me know.





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                  CaliDreamer43 Level 1

                  Flashblock is the same thing as Adblock, but for chrome.


                  I'd forgot to mention i already had Med setting on IE. And also Adds in IE and FF enabled.


                  I have no issues on EI, FF with flash anymore...so im guessing it did reinstall correctly and everything is there. Thanks for your help.

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                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                    Hi, Well that sounds good. I'm assuming you re-Installed. Hopefully everything you have done and checked will take care of it all.


                    Ok on the addons, etc. It's always a nice feeling when everything is working properly



                    Thanks for the cooperation!! And marking your thread as answered






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                      In your answer to the question above, you said " go to this Adobe test site" - where can I find that test site? My shockwave crashes continually, not only on Facebook or YouTube but other sites as well.  Have uninstalled flash & shockwave & downloaded newest versions but hasn't helped.

                      I use either Chrome or Foxfire & it happens on both. My friend had the same problem & switched to an earlier version of shockwave & it seems to have solved his problem but I can't find an option to download an earlier version anywhere.

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                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                        Hi, I see the link wasn't included above. It is http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/  


                        That test site serves more than one purpose. If you can see the animation and the latest version of Flash Player is displayed,, then that is a good indication that you have Flash Player Installed correctly.


                        You can also after that, use the Flash logo to UNcheck the hardware acceleration feature if you have not done so.


                        It isn't the best idea to revert back to an older version due to Security issues in the latest version. There is usually a way to find out what is causing your problem.


                        Since this is an answered thread, it will be to your advantage to start a new thread/discussion. List your system/browser info when you do though.





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                          please help me.  i run google chrome and my flashplayer freezes or crashes all the time.  I went to the test site and the version i am running is: 10,1,103,20.  the flashplayer comes with chrome and i would think it would be an updated version.  i also run AVG and malwarebytes and have for the past 4 years.  please tell me what i can do to stop the crashes and freezes.  i'm not very good with software so be gentle.  thanks for any suggestions and/or help.

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                            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                            For dsfree08,


                            Hi, Since this thread is marked as answered, please start your own thread/discussion. Please include your Computer info and also your browser versions used. You don't have to list the Chrome info however.


                            When I see that you have started a new thread/discussion, I'll bring the info that you have posted here to it.