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    shortening the .fla development process


      hello all,


      I am going to try and make a small website with flash.  what I am going to try and make it look like is the cosmos (solar system, or moon landscape maybe).  a planet will be a button, which will take me to another page that's playing another movie, etc...    and at the end, I am hoping to get some elements on the page to query some mysql dbs that I already have set up.


      I don't know flash very well at all.  actually, just today I was watching a few movie tutorials on it from lynda.com.  I am not surprised at all with what I saw, and it's what I expected.  It looks like flash is really a more complex and time consuming process than creating a simple html website, even a dynamic one.


      I was watching the tutorials and trying to think of ways to shorten the development process, learning the ropes, etc.  One of them showed how you could use a movie clip to loop animation, even with one frame present, and that gave me the idea that there must be other ways too, to shorten this whole thing, or to use some tricks to get what you want faster.


      I am using CS5, which I've had for awhile now, but my question is:  If flash is made up of so many components and process like adding pictures, adding frames, sound, keyframes, etc, what sort of things can I do to get what I want, or close to what I want faster?


      The things I already know how to do obviously, are things like browsing the web for solar system images, background sound files, etc..., so I don't have to create those things myself.  Does anyone else here have more suggestions on this?


      I know I am stuck with learning the program myself and obviously it has to be done.   Any suggestions on how to speed up the process of learning and such, or even suggestions on what is most relevant and not relevant in the flash program would be extremely helpful!   For instance, many flash templates that I see out there don't look complicated at all, know that I've taken a few tutorials on the program and know how it operates a little bit (and how complicated things can get!).


      Thanks guys.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is no shortcut to learning.  Before you can do something faster, you have to be able to do it at all.  Flash may seem complicated to you because you are unfamiliar with it, but as a web design tool it is no more complicated or time consuming than working with html/css/javascript... it might even be less intensive than them these days.  What can usually take time is developing animation elements, either with or without code, but that is one aspect of Flash that you can't achieve with other technologies (as easily a least).   But like anything new, it is a mystery that requires time, effort, and patience to become adept at using it.  So your best bet is to strap in and get to work.