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    Blank Preview Window in PE 9 (Windows XP –SP3)

    RichD. Level 1

      For weeks I have been creating video projects in PE 9 with no problem.  All of a sudden, when I go into PE 9, the Preview Window is a white blank area.  Starting a new project, the preview area asks for a menu to be created (but cut off on the bottom of the menu creation area).  If I get media or access a menu, the menu/dialog box does not close.  If I Get Media and move it to the Storyline, there is still no display in the Preview Window, even when I start the video (audio is fine).  When I click on the white blank Preview Window, if the clip is a still photo, it displays but with a border to move or expand/contract the photo.  Starting the “video” produces no movement to later stills/clips.  The only system update recently (early Dec. 2010) was Photoshop Elements 9, Adobe Raw, and a new MS mouse with Intellipoint software.  Any suggestions?  Thank you.