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    Making a simple full-screen browser


      Hi gang,


      I am trying to do something that seems easy but it is kicking my butt...


      I have a web app that I need to run full-screen, with no browser chrome, and I want to hide the mouse cursor (we are using a custom remote).  It is running under WebKit on a Mac (OSX 10.6.x), so doing things like modifying the mouse cursor via the OS is not an option.


      I thought making a simple AIR app would get me where I want to be, but I am experiencing a bunch of issues.  First off, the code is DEAD SIMPLE:

      <mx:WindowedApplication> with a <mx:HTML> tag in it.  The HTML tag has location specified, pointing to my index.html (the page will never change).


      What is happening is:

      1. Keystrokes get eaten - ESC, plus a variety of letters never seem to make it into my underlying app (Javascript)
      2. I get a title bar on the window (is that removable?)
      3. What is the underlying browser that is used by the HTML component?  I have HTML5 video tags in there that do not seem to be working.



      What I want to end up with is an AIR app that I launch, which seamlessly loads the page, full-screen, as if it were a TV UI.  No mouse cursor, no window/browser chrome, no borders, just the page.  Once that page is loaded, I need to be able to pipe mouse and keyboard events into it (which seems trivial, but that is before I ran into the keystroke eating, wherever that is happening).


      Is this possible?  Am I doing something wrong or not doing enough?


      Any input GREATLY appreciated!