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    changed FTP - "contribute cannot remove the administrative settings"

    G's Portfolio

      We developed a major site at a temporary subdomain on our server. Then, we changed that subdomain (to replace an old version of the site with this new version).


      I created a new FTP account for this new location. (The files are at the same place on the server, but under a new http:// location) This FTP account works fine with other FTP client software.


      When I try to create a new Contribute connection (using CS4), it notices the site has moved and asks whether I want to remove the administrative settings. I say "yes." When I do, the error message I keep getting is "contribute cannot remove the administrative settings."


      I double checked file permissions for all the files within the /_mm subdirectory. They were set at 644 (for files), so I changed them to all to 664 to include access by the new username.


      Any ideas as to why Contribute can't "clear the slate?" And is there some way to force this, even erasing files manually?