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    dynamicly swap image in a movie?

      Hi everybody.
      I'm trying this:
      I have a movie clip which does something with a graphic (jpg).
      I have a boutton as well on which I want to load different jpg from a url into that movie clip and then replay.
      That way I'm hoping to crate one of those slide shows that performs that same movie on different images.
      I figured out a way to load images dynamically into the movie (using themovie.addChildAt(loader,index), right?), but I'm having hard time figuring out how to swap the current graphic in that movie with newly loaded. That movie will go back to the first frame but wont play again with new image.
      Also I want to align the new image to the movie as the original was aligned and that is also unclear for me.
      Please help! Thanks a lot in advance.