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    Buying Premiere Pro CS5, but have ATI 5870




      I'm planning to get Adobe Production Premium bundle using a faculty discount soon so I can update my Photoshop and get Premiere Pro at the same time.  I plan to take HD movies using my DSLR and I want to learn Premiere Pro. However, my GPU is an ATI 5870 and it's not one of the supported graphic cards.  Unfortunately, I just built my current PC and don't plan to upgrade its hardware now.  What sort of performance penalty will I get using a 5870?  Is it even recommended that I use Premiere Pro with an ATI card?


      Here are the specs for my PC:


      Intel Core i7 960

      Asus Rampage II Extreme

      ATI 5870 1GB

      6GB of RAM

      3 HDs (more can be added for PPro)


      Thanks in advance!