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    3rd Party Pre-Made Loop Support?


      I have always found Acid Loops very helpful and even necessary in my work, and since they have an extensive and affordable library, the possibilities continue growing.  Acid is PC only however, and I do most of my video production on the Mac, so a product that would work with Acid Loops with ease right out of the box without much tweaking on a MAC would be wonderful.  I would like to know how much support this release of Audition will be able to give specifically to Acid Loops, and more generally to the other types of loop content such as the apple loops and rex files.  I have noticed that the various loop platforms don't always read each others content cleanly and completely hastle free.  I would think it would be a major selling point of the software if it could expand its loop capabilities to include easy access to all the loop content that is out there right now, beyond its native beatmapping abilities.