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    My button mysteriously adds my entire comp directory (not just url) so It won't work.

    honkytonktaxi1 Level 1

      I am making something in Flash 8 that needs a button...I am done with It all,..but in the finished product,

      when you hit the button,..It can't find the url I put In It.

      Because it somehow adds the entire computer directory  such as   "c:\users\desktop\folder\file\www.theurl.com"  instead of just the url.

      So of course Its not going to be able to find that on the Internet.

      I have been working with Flash for years,..made many buttons.

      I have NEVER seen this problem.

      This also sounds like a problem noone else has probably ever seen....

      when I have trouble in Flash,..Its always a doosey.