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    Reader update terminates applications on reboot.

    Vadim Arshanskiy

      I just updated my Adobe Reader, and it asked to restart my machine.  Thinking it a well behaved application, I permitted it.  I had a few other applications running with a bunch of documents open.  For the next ten seconds or so I watched them all ask me if I wanted to save, only to get closed before I had a chance to respond.

      This is very inconvenient; at the moment I have no idea what changes I have lost.  I hope this (forcibly closing applications on restart, giving them no chance to abort the restart or even exit gracefully) is not the expected behavior for a document viewer updater.  If there isn't a bug report on this, I would like to file one.


      Normally I am paranoid enough to close all other applications *before* hitting any reboot button in case exactly this happens, but for some reason this time I thought it was only talking about restarting the Reader, or perhaps my web browser, not the whole machine.  That (restarting the whole machine) used to be called "reboot" -- any chance of changing the wording on the button accordingly?