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    FullHD h264 MOVs from Canon 5D Mark II both 25fps and 24fps + HDV mpg2


      Hi guys

      here some question about a project i'm going to work on...( a documentary)

      (i'm not very skilled in using cs5.. i used cs2 to edit in pal... years ago)


      - i have to edit by premiere pro CS5 a LOT of  full hd MOVs H264 from  Canon 5D mark II at  25fps  for a  documentary ... i have a lot of them... hours and hours !!

      i have already done a test with one of that files on premiere cs5 on a DSLR full hd project 25fps.........and it works (not too fast , but it works)




      - I have to edit with another kind of file :  from a JVC hd cam ... the files are MPG2 in HDV....something like 10 hours

      now when i try to import that files into the full hd previous project it doesn't work.... like it is not able to rcognize the HDV files...


      ----------what have I to do to make theme recognizable?? i have to create a new prject in hdv and export the files in full hd ?



      another thing is : these HDV files are very big : from 1.2 giga to 8 giga....


      ------- could be a big problem?



      ------ becouse of the dimension of mov files and hdv files.... what can I do  to make the project lighter and workable ?  (in final cut i should  convert all files in prores low bitrate edit with files and at the end  substitute all files with the original ones..... is that necessary in  premiere ?



      another problem...... i have a lot of different kind of extra video files to import into the project...

      ESPECIALLY, above all , many MOVs H264 full hd from canon 5D mark II but not at 25fps... but at 24fps !!!!!!!!!!   
      i have also some 30fps file...


      there is something that i have to do to make 24fps movs compatible with the 25fps project ?

      if i have to make them a little slower (24 to 25) and pitch the audio of a 4% is not a problem, but i don't know how to do it.... there is an automatic function ?




      - my pc is a desktop with core i7 4 giga ram   video card : ati HD 5770 vapor X


      ----------- it would be necessary to add 4 more giga of Ram on my pc for this kind of project ?




      thank you for all answers .

      if you have tutorial , guides , discussions links about that it will be useful to me. thanks

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          dradeke Adobe Employee

          First off, you need RAM - probably 16GB if you're going to do a full on, real documentary.  Please, research on your mobo and see what your RAM options are.


          To test whether CS5 will play your JVC files, import one and then click and drag it to the new item button on the bottom of the project panel.  you will see the mouse add a '+' button, let go and it will create a sequence based on the clips properties.  If it plays, you're good.  If it doesn't then you need to find out the specifics of the camera and/or file format that it uses.  It's not HDV at that point...


          24/25fps is kind of like 220v, 221 - whatever works... ;-)  Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 will resolve frame rates, aspect ratios and codecs transparently on the timeline.  So, if your timeline is ultimately for PAL, then choose a PAL timeline and throw down the 24fps material as needed, it shouldn't be a problem and will play and output correctly for your destination format.


          Finally, I'd suggest you read up on GPU's at Adobe Premiere Pro's page and consider investing in an nvidia Quadro or GeForce card to accelerate your effects and encoding.  This has been a bunch of the secret sauce that's made CS5 so successful.


          Hope you find this helpful,