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    Audio problem Premiere Elements 9 MTS extension

    Johnny_Begood Level 1

      I open a new tread because the other tread was at the end.

      I'm looking for people having PE9 running on Windows 7-64 (Ultimate) and having audio problems (or having no problems) with AVCHD files with the extension MTS.

      I'm investigating this problem for some months now and tried all suggestion done to me in other treads. Such as all project settings.

      In the near past I had PE8 running on Windows Vista, where I had no audio problems with MTS files.

      The more I read in forums the more I'm convinced it's the combination windows 7 (64 Ultimate) with PE9 (maybe also 8).

      So please let me know when you have PE9 (or PE8) running correct on Windows 7. Other operating systems I know it works fine.

      Thank you!!!