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    Integrated scroll panels and unmovable toggle buttons




      iam looking for an expert. I am working on an HMI development and wanted to use Flash Catalyst. However, I think I am already reached the limits of FC. But perhaps there is a FC solution because I can not program Flash.



      In my layer, I have different graphical objects and text blocks. A part of them I want to move with a scroll panel. That's easy, not a problem.


      However, all these objects (including the scroll panels) should be integrated in a master scroll panel. This means, that all parts, even the integrated scroll panels, should be moveable at the same time. I managed this.


      Now, I need multiple toggle buttons. With these Buttons I wanted to change the form of some of the graphical objects resp. the text blocks. But the buttons have to be unmovable. This function (to change the form of the objects) is relatively easy but in combination with the integrated scroll panels it isnt. The buttons are able to move the objects when these buttons are pasted in the "deepest" layer, the layer of the objects. But there, the buttons are moveable and slide out of the screen (with the master scroll panel) and not clickable.


      How can I manage this? I need unmovable toggle buttons, with these I want to change the forms of objects. The objects are pasted in integrated scroll panels. I hope it's understandable!


      Can someone help me? It would be glad if the answer does not depend on the learning of the flash programming!