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    Can I have video size automatically scaled up in Flash Catalyst?

    Wizard_WIll Level 1

      I need to build a FC project where the user clicks on a button, and on that page, a video increases in size (along with the art from that page) and then starts playing. In the image I have attached below, the user would click on the green 5 Reasons button and then the video (to the right of the 5 Reasons button, would grow from the bottom left corner, down and to the right about 150%. The video would cover up some of the elements around it because of it's larger size and then start playing once it's open. When the user clicks a "close" button, the page returns to how it looks below.


      I greatly appreciate any direction you can provide on how to accomplish this, if it's possible.


      Will H.

      Video Scale Up Art.jpg