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    Bookmarks Disappearing


      Adobe Digital editions is a piece of sh**, I will NEVER again use it to read an ebook.  I had two different ebooks in the reader (ea over 300 pages) filled with bookmarks and notes for a FINAL that I am now, after staying up all night, trying to write.  The bookmarks and notes were ALL deleted and could not be recovered.  I will never be using adobe again and I would not recommend the product, it is unreliable and has completely f**ed me over.

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          Mustafa Cete

          Exactly the same thing happened to me! I totally agree with you! I will delete it and will not use it anymore. I'd be happy to sue them coz the damage thay caused to me is tremendous! How can they even think they have created this bs digital book reader, well it's not! It's a total bs, shame on you Adobe, shame on you a million times! You gotto be ashamed for creating such a stupid program that cannot even keep those simple bookmarks properly! Maybe u use much of ur time about legal "protection" of the documents while u don't have time for the keeping bookmarks engine or what the bs u name it!!!!!