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    Help with cut and paste


      Hello. Need a little help please. I have a 21 page pdf file. I would like to cut the text and paste into MS Word. By doing "select all" I am able to do this but only 1 page at a time. Is theire a way to extend the selection so that I get all 21 pages of text?


      Thanks for your suggestions.



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          CtDave Level 5

          Unfortunately, 1 page at time is it.

          Something to try:

          File > Save as Text

          Open the text file with Word.

          Apply Word Headings/styles as needed or copy-paste desired text strings into another Word file.


          Be well...

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            hopken Level 1

            Hi. Thanks for your response. Well, I tried that. It saves the file as a

            zero KB file. Any other thoughts?


            Thanks again.



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              CtDave Level 5

              A PDF that contains a scanned image of a textual document will result in a 0 KB text file when Save as Text is used while viewing the PDF.

              If OCR is applied to the PDF (with Acrobat as Reader does not provide this functionality) then Save as Text exports the OCR output to the text file.

              When using Reader's select tool to select and copy the page content (the image) it is the image that is pasted into the Word file.

              A PDF that has no renderable content has nothing to export to a text file via Save as Text.

              So, it would appear that the copy image - paste image, 1 page at time, is what will have to be used.


              A quick addendum -

              If your working with an image of text and have Office 2007 you may be able to use Microsoft Office Document Imaging tool (not sure if tool is available in all Office versions) once the images are in a Word file.


              Be well...


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