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    Flex app can't connect to the internet / server when uploaded?


      I made a simple app that submits a data via POST using the HTTPService. My problem is, when I Run the application from the Flash Builder IDE, and it opens in the browser as a local file, it interacts with my server (remote server) without any problem and does its job well. However, when I upload it to my website, it fails to interact. It displays on the status bar of Firefox that it's connecting to the server that requires interaction but after some time the status reverts to "Done" with my Flex app not showing any Alert boxes if it either succeeded or failed.


      It's really making me frustrated not knowing what's wrong..


      Also if it would be an added help, I decided to use the Flex 3.5 SDK to make it more compatible with commonly installed Flash Players on people's computers since the features that I used doesn't really need those of 4.0.