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    hot spots




      I have created an image, with a hot spot, inside a div tag, positioned with css.  I can't get the hot spot to work.  Below is the link, and if you view the page source, you will see the div id "sidebar".  My guess is that the div tag may be the problem, but I am not sure.  I would sure like it to work this way.  Is this possible?  Any idea what I have done wrong.  I don't use fireworks much, so I am pretty green to this program.  Thanks for any help!




      (the image is the advertising banner on the right side of the page)

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          pixlor Level 4

          It's there. Here's your code (angle brackets replaced by square ones to post):


          [div id="sidebar"]

          [img name="ad_cost_block" src="/images/ad_cost_block.gif" width="165" height="542" border="0" usemap="#m_ad_cost_block" alt=""]

          [map name="m_ad_cost_block"]

          [area shape="rect" coords="16,406,153,496" href="http://manitowochockey.org/sponsor_ad_sample.php" target="_blank" title="link" alt="link" ]




          The coordinates are upper left is x=16, y=406; lower right x=153, y=496. This is towards the bottom of your image. In fact, if you hover your mouse over the third blue block down, the cursor changes to a hand, indicating the link.

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            g$$$$$$ Level 1

            Ya, I forgot to update the post, I figured it out.  I needed to export the file, therein creating the html file and the Gif file.  But nowhere in Fireworks help did it tell me to do this.  I had to enlist the help of a IT Tech school teacher.  It appears that many people in this network did not know this either.  Usually I have help within minutes.  It took someone (yourself) days to respond, after I had already figured it out.  Maybe it is the older version I am using, but you would think that the help menu in Fireworks would have offered the solution. NOT


            Thanks anyway