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    Centering page in IE

    generalbatzorig Community Member

      I am working on a page that is based on Grid. I didn't use Layers. Instead I used a grid that is centered on the page and everything else on it based on Grid Boxes. The page looks good in Safari, but it is aligned left in Internet Explorer. When it is aligned left, all my pain and time that I have taken seems wasted. Can any one help me to solve this problem? There are some older posts on this topic, but some of them are too over my head. And some discussions do not give me direct answer. I don't understand why GoLive developers couldn't make a product that is compatible with this major browser (not that I like Windows). They say CSS is very easy and simple. But for me it is so difficult to learn all the secret things of it. 

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          Jesper G. O. Møller Community Member

          Here is a toturial on hvo to center pages in GoLive with css



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            lorac-d Community Member

            >I am working on a page that is based on Grid. I didn't use Layers. ....

            >They say CSS is very easy and simple. But for me it is so difficult to

            >learn all the secret things of it.


            Also, if you dont' want to use CSS for layout you should use tables instead

            of the grid. Most people recommend to not use the grid for layout. Tables

            are easy to center, align right and left and they can be nested. Use one

            table cell/row for the base, set it to 100% width and auto height and center

            it. Use it for a container for all your other content.


            Using CSS can be a learning curve, but if you put in the effort now you will

            receive immediate rewards. Build a test page and experiment. With GoLive you

            have to get used to not seeing the page as it will appear online in the

            "layout" view. Use browser view to preview the page when testing.  I learned

            by using this tutorial:



            And another: http://matthewjamestaylor.com/blog/perfect-3-column.htm


            Good luck!



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              generalbatzorig Community Member

              I went to this link that you gave me and follow

              ed the tutorial. But it is giving me a lot of problems. I tried 2 ways. one is just add the tutorial elements into my existing page; the other is to start from a scratch with all elements in separate layers. Both ways didn't work for me. It is changing the contents positions (everything becomes center aligned and stuck on top of each other from top to bottom). Also when I save this work and reopen it, the CSS editor contents changes. All the existing links and element properties are gone except <>body. I wonder if I send the file, could you personally help me to rework the HTML so that it centers on all browsers?

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                generalbatzorig Community Member

                The previous reply was to Jesper's comments and this one as well. I followed the tutorial on how to center the page. My website is a little more complicated than the example in the turorial because mine uses flash xml gallery embedded on the page. So after working all day long, I thought that I finally figured it out. But when I test it on Internet Explorer, it is still not centering the page. When I do just simple boxes on the grid, it works on Internet Explorer. But when I add the XML FLASH gallery, it doesn't center on IE.

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                  salochin48 Community Member

                  I centre my pages see -  http://www.breweryartists.co.uk  example - by making a table with only one cell and dropping a grid into it. Use the table inspector palette to centre the page/table and Properties to choose the top width from the browser, from then on I just put the page together normally.