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    Just double Checking to make sure

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      I'm editing a quick project which will contain a minute or so of various snips of flv's,movs, jpgs and finally a title or two. I come from an audio engineering background, have extensive Flash and animation knowledge and picked up the basics in Premiere CS5 pretty easy. I need to know and make sure of a few basic principals.



      The Capture is JUST for capturing video / audio from an outside source like a dv camera and extracting in between the in and out points  will extract only the footage inbetween the in and out points of the captured video.




      If I drag  footage into the source monitor from my hard drive, OR program monitor and create in and out points then drag either video only or the insert button this will only drag the footage inbetween the I and O to the project timeline and if I save the project the final output file will only contain the footage inbetween the I and O from each footage I import correct?


      reason I ask is obvious but I have been looking over some good tutes and decided to stop and import some files and audio for a hands on and thought for a second if I had to use the capture or not.