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    blinking on hundreds of dots




      I am trying to animate a map created in Illustrator that has a whole bunch of dots plotted on it.  I would like the dots to appear one-by-one in a scattered raindrop or lights-turning-on-in-a-large-building sort of way.  Is there a way to create this effect without importing a different AI file for each time a dot gets turned on?  I am very new to after effects so I may be missing something obvious.  Any help is very much appreciated.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Piece o' cake: import just ONE dot from Illustrator.  In your comp, just duplicate the dot layer as many times as you need and position them as desired.


          To make them turn on, just play with the in point of each layer.  Done.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            To expand on Dave's recommendation: You can also animate any parameter you desire before the duplication, so it will automatically show up on the duplicates. if you want this to be more flexible, pre-compose the artwork and animate anything in the pre-comp, then duplicate that pre-comp as a layer in your main comp. for sequential animation, have a look at the Sequence Layers Keyframe Assistant or the various layer staggering scripts that can be found on the web. aside from placing the items in the correct spots, this could literally be a 5minute task....



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              Mathias Möhl Level 2

              If you want to avoid having one layer for each dot, you could also import two files from illustrator. One containing all dots and one containing everything else. Then you could animate a mask on the dots-layer such that the mask reveals the dots step by step.

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                bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3

                Foam, replicators, card wipe.



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                  alspangler Level 1

                  Thanks everyone, these suggestions are all probably better and even faster than what I ended up doing (and I plan to look into them now that I am nont as pressed for time), but I had already found a method for making lines grow that I figured out how to apply to this in a very quick and dirty way.  I was going to post the tutorial but I can't find it now.  Basically, I used the generate stroke effect with the "reveal object" option to reveal all the dots sequentially as if they were part of a line.  Maybe that's stupid, but maybe it will help some one else.  Thanks again

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                    Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    There is always more than one way to skin a cat. If your method worked, it was not stupid.