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    Need help asap, project due monday!


      Hey everyone,


      I'm a college student and I have a final project due on monday.


      I'm running into a MAJOR issue which I've never had before.  I know this is probably a noobie issue but any help would be fantastic.


      I have text on it's own layer, typed it directly into flash, there are two text fields on this layer.  I created at motion tween to move the text from the center of my stage to the top of my stage at about halfway on my scene1 timeline and then it sticks there til the end of that scene.  My issue is, my text will display and animate when I run the timeline in flash.  But when I hit CTRL Enter for the preview, it's no where to be found.  I've even tried embedding the text to see if that would help!  Kinda freakin' out here, so any help would be great.  Does anyone know why this is happening?


      I'm using Flash Professional CS5 with an ActionScript 3.0 file.


      Kindest Regards,