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    Text displays fine but then gets underlined.

    jl2000 Level 1
      Hi - I have a swf "deep" inside an app. I say "deep" because it would be difficult to yank it and post it by itself for you to view - so I hope my description is adequate.

      When I play the app in a browser rather than an exe or Projector, the text behaves strangely. The swf has 2 rollover btns that each reveal text in a single dynamic text box. The htmlText that appears is coded in the AS of the SWF file. One of the paragraphs has a link in it that opens a url from the web in a "_blank" window. After closing that blank window, and again seeing the swf, the text in the textField is underlined! No matter how I interact with the btns the text that appears is underlined! What could be causing that and how do I stop it. The code for the text areas follows.
      TIA your help,