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    Drag & Drop Functionality Doesn't Work in External SWF?


      Hi all,

      I'm currently a TA for a Flash course at my school.  We're using AS 2.0 and working with external SWFs.

      I think this might be pretty simple to remedy.  Well, at least I'm hoping!

      A student is having trouble with drag & drop functionality when it  is used in an external SWF.  Basically, in our drag & drop section,  we have a sheet of paper ("paper" MC) and an object we drag into it  ("object" MC).  When the object is released in the paper area, we go to  frame 2 of "paper" MC, which consequently has an animation.

      This works fine and dandy in said drag & drop section, but once the  drag & drop section is loaded into our main SWF via a MC  placeholder, the drag & drop functionality stops working.

      Here is the URL to the drag & drop section by itself:


      and here is the URL to the main swf, which loads the drag & drop SWF into a movieclip and causes it to work incorrectly:


      Now here is the code on the draggable object ("object" MC):


      on (press) {
              startDrag (this, true);
      on (release) {
              stopDrag ();
              if (this._droptarget == "/paper") {

      If any more info is needed, I'm willing to upload both FLA files.   Although, something tells me that this is a simple issue to resolve.

      Thanks a lot for any help!!!