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    Comparing Text String(s) to Inputed Text

      Not sure if this should be in this category or not... but I'm trying to build a Flash based "etiquette" tester wherein a user could type in their sentence and they are given a "score" based on using predefined words. For example typing in:

      "Welcome to Good Burger, my name is Charles, how may i help you"

      Would give a 4 out of 4 result since the core words were "Welcome" "my name" "may i" "help you" But if they typed in:

      "What's up, I'm Chuck, what do you want?"

      They would get 0 out of 4.

      So there would be a word bank of key words that would need comparing to whatever the user was typing into a text box.

      Is that possible? I was thinking of using syntax I found for password checks, but that didn't seem to work well since it needed to be "exact" I also did a search on these forums but couldn't find anything.

      Any help would be appreciated.