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    Help with deciding what movie/photo editing software to buy?


      I'm a master of WMM (haha hard to do I know) but I wouldn't call myself very experienced as a video editor just yet. I'm trying to decide between an Adobe product, maybe Adobe Premiere Elements 9? I've also been wondering about Sony Vegas. I need some consumer opinions to help me come to my decision.


      Give me your opinions on:


      Any Adobe product (including any that have BOTH photo and video editing)

      Sony Vegas

      Roxio Creator 2011

      Video Pad


      and any others that are good...


      I would also really like to have an audio editor that would be bundled in the software.. do any Adobe products have an audio editing software?


      Sorry if these questions are repetitive or ignorant!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It all depends on how powerful your computer is, what kind of camcorder you own, how much you want to spend and how "deep" you want to edit, Molly. And, of course, what you finally intend to do with the video once you've edited it (i.e., post it to YouTube, burn off DVDs or BluRays).


          There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this. Every program has its advantages and liabilities.


          Once we know what kind of video you're editing and what your computer specs are, we can make recommendations. But you really should download the trials of each product to find out which best fits your personality.