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    CS5 - License Agreement Loops - Will not allow me to Run Software


      Originally I posted the following:


      Dec 11th


      I've been trying to install CS5 Master Edition.  Disk I installed and I was asked to install disk II,  it reached 51 percent and THEN it asked me to "please insert Disk CS5 Master Collection II to continue - then would not read the disk.  I am running Windows Vista Premium Edition, I have 4 GB of Ram and 108 GB disk space available.  I checked disk II and it is clean so it should work.


      John T. Smith suggested the following:  "Create a folder on your hard drive and see if you can use WinExplorer to copy all of the disc to that folder, and run from the folder."  Which I did and the installation completed successfully.


      Dec 12th


      Now, when I go to open any of the programs, i.e. photoshop I am asked to accept the license agreement, which I do.  I am then asked for my serial number which I provide and I get the little green check mark.  When I click on continue it loops me back to the license agreement. It keeps looping and I cannot access any of the programs.


      I then installed Adobe Acrobat 9.3.  When I attempt access the program I received the following error message "you cannot use this produce at this time, you must repair the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling this product."


      Honestly I have never had so many problems installing any product.  To top it off Adobe does not offer any technical support on the weekends.  I've been fighting all weekend with this product when I need to get assignments done.  I'm truly at my wits end.  If anyone out there has experienced similar issues I would so appreciate hearing from you and anything you did to resolve them. 


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          dradeke Adobe Employee

          It sounds like you had a bad disk which is rare but hey it happens.  Here's what I would do.


          1. Deactivate the software (assuming you can launch an application)
          2. Uninstall everything
          3. Run the Adobe CS5 Clean Tool - http://www.adobe.com/support/contact/cs5clean.html
          4. Optional Paranoid steps - restart the PC, run the CS5 clean tool again to verify there is nothing (Adobe MC5 anyway) on your system
          5. Restart the PC
          6. Make sure any and all anti-virus and anything you can turn off is off.
          7. Install Master Collection as before.


          I hope this helps and I'm sorry that you're experiencing some problems.  If the above doesn't work, I'd consider requesting new media to install your software on.




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            davidbeisner2010 Level 3

            I had a similar issue with Acrobat 9.0 recently which shipped as part of my CS5 suite. Everything worked well except Acrobat... Ultimately Adobe tech (after 2 weeks of frustration on the phone with tech agents who didn't speak English) sent me a new downloadable file to install from. Worked perfectly after that.


            If I were you, the first time you call tech support tomorrow (assuming the above solution from Dradeke doesn't work), tell them that you were sent corrupted media and ask them to make downloadable copies available to you. If you TELL THEM what the issue is, you may get a resolution faster than if you let them try to troubleshoot it for you. Oh, and don't be afraid to ask to speak to a supervisor who speaks English, either...