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    This is the best you could do?

      I would have throught that by ripping off a competitor, Adobe, with all it's resources, could have improved on it. But no, Kuler is not nearly as useful as Colourlovers.com. Note to Adobe, just because you now own Flash doesn't need to be used in every aspect of the web. The site is slow and clunky.

      Embarrassing how one individual can create a better site that a team of the industry's top people. Maybe if Adobe had come up with an original idea instead of trying to rip it off and "hide your tracks" , there could have been a better experience for us designers.

      Two thumbs down.
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          Boyd Wiebe Level 1
          Hello Jerk, I'm glad to see someone jump in with some alternative viewpoints. I think some of your criticisms might be a little early as kuler is still developing. As a designer I see the potential of kuler as more of a tool than a fun playground for colour lovers (nothing wrong with that). As I'm working on a project I don't want the distraction of all the adverts and fluff I just want to get my colors and get out. I don't really see too many similarities to the two sites at all. Just my two cents :)
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            Srta._Pinta Level 1
            Adobe's color wheel set-up is professional and user friendly. No offense - but yours is not. Sorry.

            All that is needed is what Adobe has provided here with kuler, the essentials to create colors without the rif-raf. I trust that Adobe will handle any glitches and make them a thing of the past very soon. :)
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              Seconded. Great job, guys, you swiped someone else's idea, pretended it was your own, and refuse to own up to it. Saying there's no real similarity between kuler and ColourLovers is on par with claiming that Coke and Pepsi are nothing alike.

              Adverts and fluff? Please. If you haven't figured out how to block annoying web ads that's your problem, it doesn't address the fact that Adobe blatantly swiped an individual's idea and all the hard work that went into said idea, and they're getting away with it simply by virtue of being a big, bad corporation. Bad form.

              And how 'bout you start supporting Linux users a little more, hmm? That'd be nice.
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                Srta._Pinta Level 1

                Originally posted by: MooCowFizzyIf you haven't figured out how to block annoying web ads that's your problem

                Incorrect. it is their problem if they want me to use their app. I am not a techy geek, I am an artist. If they want to make money they could do it on their own time, not mine.

                Kuler is professional, nice and clean. Simple, I like it. Too much of anything is never good.

                Like Coke and Pepsi, people don't care who created what first. People care about what works for them .

                Adobe knows how to serve creative people, they don't create toys here - they create great tools so us true creative types can transform what is in our mind and soul onto a canvas for the world to enjoy....
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                  The one good thing that Kuler has the potential to do but has apparently overlooked is keeping a healthy library of swatches and functionality even . when offline. The fact that this is not incorporated is what makes it so easily comparable to colourlovers.
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                    While I am a colourLovers addict, I think there is merit to both apps. kuler, for me, is extremely efficient and very simple. colourLovers is a community. Creating colour palettes is only 1/10th of what I spend my time doing on that site.

                    And to be fair, there are a million and two colour palette creator apps out there....
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                      CBukley Level 1
                      I love kuler. If anyone follows the threads here, they probably know that. But I have to say that I DO find similarities between COLOURlovers and kuler. In fact, I find it a little odd that anyone would deny them.

                      From a little newfound experience, I find COLOURlovers to be much more of a developed social networking site, and I think kuler is more of a set of creative professionals seeking an accurate tool to use in design and production--with a fun chat on the side. However, some aspects of the community are very similar. In fact, many of the community features we've been requesting recently are in place at COLOURlovers. I think that's kind of telling. And the joy in sharing colors? That's dead on the same.

                      I've never been into social networking sites. Too much noise. Too much time. Too much work. That aspect of CL doesn't appeal much to me. The luscious palettes do though. So do some of the color resources. And for the most part, the community there seems lovely.

                      Kuler is a beta. It's a toe in the water. I have no idea of adobe's master strategy or how far they plan to develop the kuler community. My sense is that it would be designed to appeal to a more production oriented professional-- fewer bells and whistles, more production process. More functionality, less social functions.

                      I think the Adobe kuler team has concentrated thus far on getting the color tool right and on integrating it into their software to provide a useful palette exchange tool system. Community development here has taken second place and in many cases the community, out of sheer love of the concept, works around the deficiencies to interact. I love this community and I love the concept. And the kuler team has been just fantastic.

                      I would urge Adobe however, to respect the creation of a member of the design community. If kuler is developed in the same competitive space, I would hope that they will choose to partner or collaborate in some way. Stealing an idea doesn't sit well with me. Not at all.

                      And I'll admit it, I need a tool AND a toy. ;)

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                        hvac_pro Level 1
                        I agree with CBukley enough said.