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    Missing "Duplicate Clip" function?


      Just wondering if this is something missing or if I can't find the menu item.


      In multitrack view, when you right click on a clip there used to be a "Duplicate clip" option that would then ask you how many times you wanted to duplicate it and insert that many clips end-to-end.  I see a looping feature but that is a little different as it changes the mode to a looping clip (dragging the ends repeats the clip).  I'm just looking for the old duplicate clip menu item which pasted the clip x number of times in a row.



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          _durin_ Adobe Employee

          This specific duplicate functionality has yet to be implemented.  The closest method right now would be to Option-Click and Drag a clip to create a duplicate.  If Snapping is enabled, the new clip should snap to the end of the original.  This can be performed with multiple selected clips, as well.