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    Colour Finesse in Premiere?

    Billy Payn Level 1

      Hi - I'd like to get Synthetic Aperture set up to work in Premiere Pro - it'll save having to open clips in After Effects just to do the colour correcting, meaning that at the end of a project almost all the clips on the timeline are after effects linked comps.

      The thing is that I 've tried to find it on the discs and can't, how can I install it after the fact? (main suite installation)

      Is the only way to download a trial and then install that?

      Hope someone can help.

      Thanks in advance


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          Jeff Bellune Level 5

          The version of CF that ships with AE will only work in AE.  You can see

          the results in Pr via Dynamic Link, but you can't use that version of CF

          directly in Pr.


          If you want to use CF in Pr, then you'll have to visit the Synthetic

          Aperture web site and buy a license for the Pr version.



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            Billy Payn Level 1


            Thanks, I was wondering, quite hard to find that piece of information as even in the Production Premium it doesn't tell you which version you're getting.

            Think it's Colorista then. Looks like it's $375 to get SA to work in Premiere.