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      Hi All...

      I'm currently building a 64bit new system to accomodate CS5 (to accomodate the new Panny AF100)

      Fairly robust with a GTX4700 card... after considering a BlackMagic solution to monitoring, I am thinking that I will just use the outputs from the 4700 or perhaps a 2nd card.


      My Question is this: The 4700 has two DVI outs and one HDMI...  Can I run the two "Premier" monitors from the DVI and then run the "Program" monitor from the HDMI?  and part two might be... If I am running a 2nd graphics card just to use the "Program" monitor, could I get away with a lesser card?  if so, how much lesser... 2400? or non Cuda?


      Thanks so much in advance for any input...  I've been asking about this issue on the DVXuser forum without much help.


      My parts arrived last week (case, processors, RAM, motherboard etc...) so we are doing the build as we speak.

      (camera to arrive at the end of the month....!)

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          I just found the thread on that here...




          Great forum!


          I am still interested though as to exactly how some folks are connecting (hdmi, DVI to which monitors)




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            From nVidia's website...


            "For graphics cards which have a single GPU onboard like the Geforce GTX 480 or 470, only two displays can be active at the same time even if the card has three physical monitor connectors. Some cards like the older version of the Geforce GTX 295 have two GPUs onboard and three display connections, two DVI and one HDMI. The first two ports, the two DVI ports are connected to the first GPU and the HDMI port is connected to the 2nd GPU. So in this case, three monitors could be supported as long as the card wasn't set to "multi-GPU" mode. But for pretty much every NVIDIA graphics card, you will only be able to activate two monitors at the same time."


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              So for the two monitor setup, for now it looks like GPU out to work the interface from the DVI output of the card and either another GPU from the other DVI... OR... HDMI out to preview video full frame HD.  I have a really nice sony 23" monitor that will display a little larger than FF Hi def (1920 X 1200) and a new Samsung SyncMaster P2570HD that will do double duty as a computer interface (VGA and DVI input) and also as a HD video monitor (HDMI, component, composite, and cable TV inputs).

              I can have all the inputs wired and switch inputs...

              For Photoshop, it would be nice to run a dual monitor system with the Samsung being the graphic and the computer monitor using the Sony...

              For Premier and After Effects, I can use the HDMI in to the Samsung to preview the video... I'm not sure exactly how to set that up though.

              One of the guys on the DVXuser forum suggested for Standard Def Preview, I could run a firewire to my DV deck (Panasonic AGDV2500) and then out Svideo to my small SD video monitor (Sony GVM 1311Q).

              I still have my Avid Liquid Break out Box... it went from USB to component, composite, and Svideo outs... I miss it... but I am pretty much married to Premier and the interaction between all the programs in the suite... I don't want to introduce third party complications into a "happy" workflow... but I'm just a little unsure about display settings.  If anyone can share how they are running their setups, that would be most helpful.  I've read posts describing WHAT they are using, but not necessarily mentioning HOW they have it hooked up... (from which output to the monitor and what settings were altered and in what way)


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                Daxman1965 Level 1



                if you use your 1394 port you must disable MPE or it will not work.



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                  Jon-M-Spear Level 4

                  Shooternz has an unloved BM Intensity Pro gathering dust in his cupboard. Ask him nicely he may send it to you.  It may solve all your preview problems!

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                    Hi Daren,

                    Thanks for the answer... yes, I'm embarrassed that I don't know what you

                    mean by "MPE"... could you enlighten?


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                      Jon-M-Spear Level 4

                      Mercury Playback Engine in Premiere Pro CS5 - when enabled does not allow output via the firewire port - therefore external monitoring via the firewire will not work

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                        Yes, of course... "MPE"!  Hopefully I will have enough horsepower and RAM to play SD through the firewire to monitor without using the MPE... Since I haven't gotten the build completed and therefore haven't booted CS5 up yet, can you tell me where the MPE would be enabled or disabled?... or is it automatic depending on the presence of a compatible graphics card.


                        In addition to building the new box... I'm turning my former workstation into a backup machine (twin 3.2 xeon 5years old but still able to go 64bit processors)... It won't be as fast as the new one, but just in case, I'll still have a lifeboat to make a deadline should things go south with the new box.  The backup machine is getting a GT 240 1GB 128-bit DDR5 graphics card whereas the new box is getting a GTX 470.  There is an interesting study on unlocking the "MPE" by Studio 1 productions where they tested different cards and came up with comparable results regardless of model... the main advantageseems to be the DDR5 Ram as opposed to DDR4


                        Thanks again for taking the time to respond.


                        Best Regards



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                          Jon-M-Spear Level 4

                          MPE enabled is really considered the preferred state.  Running it disabled as he default state is a curious choice.  That's why I finally opted for the BM Intensity Pro to compliment my Quadro FX 3800.


                          Project/General/Video Playback and Rendering/ is where you set the MPE software/hardware options (card dependent).


                          The performance advantages are manifest.

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                            Daxman1965 Level 1

                            Hi, I have plenty horse power and trust me you want MPE, If you can try and lend a BM card and try it or a Matrox MXO2 mini. I have the MXO2 and the workings of the machine and output are great its just the PAL settings that are really mind boggling as matrox change the way Pal settings work every time new drivers come out.