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    Adobe Reader security (CS3)


      Hello Forum,


      I'm not sure if this question belongs here or in Acrobat.


      (I am running Windows XP, SP3.. I'm up-to-date with Windows updates, and Java updates)

      I have Adobe Web Premium CS3, which includes Acrobat. **My concern is having the latest security updates for READER**

      I have recently run across a few PDF browser exploits in the wild, which Zone Alarm barely stopped, and I am concerned.


      Is there any way I can run Reader version 10.x as a separate standalone for my browser? If so, how do I do that, and not conflict with Acrobat Pro in CS3?

      I have installed all the latest updates for my CS3 product, but I do not believe that my version of CS3 Reader (8.2.5) is up to snuff, because of the problems I recently encountered.


      Any advice is appreciated!




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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Reader and Acrobat are an unsupported combination. You need to have either Reader or Acrobat, not both. It is known to cause problems. I used to user Zone Alarm, but stopped when it caused problems with my Adobe software, I really cannot recommend its use at all. I'd recommend looking for alternatives.

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            kathyCDMV Level 1

            Hi Michael,


            I currently only have CS3 (includes Acrobat). But I am concerned that the bundled version which includes Reader is not protected against the latest PDF exploits (even with the latest Adobe updates).


            Even if it is the case that Acrobat Professional requires its own bundled Reader... I wish that I could assign the separate/ latest Reader 10.x to interact with my browser. Although Flash is part of my CS3, my Browser and Player is the same latest version available.


            How long ago did you have Zone Alarm? Was it Pro or free version, firewall only?

            What problems did you have with Adobe which were caused by ZA?

            What are you using now for Virus protection as well as firewall, if additional?