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    Premier won't let me import a simple AVI file? Says "unsupported or damaged file." Help!


      I did a 3d animation in 3ds max and I rendered it as an AVI, per my instructor, and then tried to import it into Premier to be able to add audio and edit it a little. When I try to import any of the files (I had three different cameras in 3ds max so I rendered 3 different AVI's) it just says "Unsupported or damaged file" for all three of them. The files play just fine in media player and work everywhere else on the computer, but stupid premier won't let me import! What should I do? I'm worried if I convert it to another file type that it'll destroy the compression. This is for a class and we have to have a very specific file size and type. Please help me!


      P.S. I'm not very good with code and programming, I don't know what a CODEC or a wrapper or any of that stuff is, please just give me suggestions of what to do and how to do it. Thanks so much!